Not to make you cry or anything, but once your senior graduates, it is going to be tough to get them scheduled for a family session, so do it now. Gather the family up close for a memorable session that is free if we did your senior portraits.

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We know you want that perfect smile for your wall portrait but oh, that kid of yours makes some adorable other faces too! Our Making Faces session is the perfect session to capture all the goofy grins, quizzical looks and nutty faces that make up your little one’s unique personality. The $25 session is sure to please you for many, many years and who knows, you might even get a supers smile too!MakingFaces

Autumn in Texas makes us photographer’s practically giddy y’all! From the increased clarity of lighting, to the changing colors of the trees, to the ability to put our clients in sweaters and not have them curse us – we love it all! Add to the fact that you can useFallFamily_ these portraits as a holiday card and we can’t recommend a better time to schedule that session. Whether you are a couple, have one child or a whole crew, let us highlight your family with nature’s beautiful background this month. Family session fee special only $65. and that includes 10 custom designed holiday cards.

Right now we are running a 1/2 price special of our Class of 2018 seniors. Great time to get this task crossed off that growing to do list and you will love all the looks you can get at a special price.


Whether you have had your pup forever or just a short while, you will love the special attention they get during our limited edition session Dog Days of Summer. Bring a 40 lb bag of Purina Pet Chow for us to donate to the North Texas Humane Society and you will get a session for your pet and a 5×7 print to add your pup to the family wall. Aug. 18 and 19 only so get that dog bathed and ready!Post 2


Cute photo ideas for parents.

The first day of school is such a milestone for any parent and a day that should be captured, not only for yourself and the grandparents but for your kids too.

Below are some really cute, out-of-the-box ideas that you can use to make your child’s first day of school photos memorable and unique.

  1. Get a shot of the outfit. You’ve spent the time choosing the perfect outfit for this day so why not hang it up somewhere and get a shot of it before they get dressed? Lay the outfit out on your child’s bed and take a shot from above or place it on a cute hanger and hang it against the door.
  2. Use a blackboard. Incorporate a cute blackboard with a frame into the photos. Fill the blackboard with facts such as the date, their age or even what they want to be when they grow up. Easels also work really well for this and will give you more space to be creative. Get your child to draw themselves on their first day of school and include this in your photo.
  3. Show their progress. While taking a picture on the first day of school is a must, make a point of taking a photo on the last day of the school year too. You’ll be amazed at how much your child has changed when you compare the two photos. Another cute idea is to get your kid to pose with their first day of school photo from the previous year to show their progress.
  4. Schedule a Back to School Session. Capture the beginning of a special year Kindergarten, Junior High or Senior Year, with a short session to commemorate the event. Bring props that will be remembered for years to come.

By having fun and making this moment a big deal for your children, you will instill confidence in them and prepare them for the day and year ahead as well as create a lasting memento that will be treasured by yourself and their own children for years to come.

We love dogs, you love dogs so let’s help provide food for the ones who need it and get a great portrait of your furry friend at the same time. On August 18 and 19 from 9 – 4, we will photograph your pet for the donation of a 34 lb bag of Purina Pro Plan dry food. You will receive an adorable 5×7 portrait in exchange for your helping us donate to the North Texas Humane Society.Post 2

We can never have enough photos of our children but let’s face it; school photos aren’t always our first choice when it comes to what to hang up around the house.

If you’re growing a little tired of the usual school photo formula year after year, why not consider taking some professional headshots at a studio instead? Below are just some of the differences between school photos and studio photos.

The Backdrop

School Photos: Your child’s school photos are usually shot in front of a generic, sometimes tacky, background. These backgrounds tend to be distracting and move the focus off your child completely.


Studio Photos: Shooting professional headshots in a studio means you have the option of choosing a more classic backdrop, something that keeps the focus on your child.

Posing and Smiling

School Photos: When it’s time to take school photos, kids are called up one at a time, placed in a standard pose and told to smile in front of a complete stranger before being rushed out the door again.


Studio Photos: A professional photographer takes the time to make your child feel more comfortable in front of the camera, which results in a natural expression and smile.  They also try a variety of poses so that you walk away with more memorable shots of your kids.

The End Result

School Photos: When you receive your child’s school photos you usually get one or two standard photos in various sizes. There is nothing unique or special about the shots and they usually end up in a drawer in the house.


Studio Photos: A professional photographer not only takes a variety of photos of your child but they spend time editing them too, resulting in photos you can proudly display in your house, photos you know aren’t present in the homes of every other child at school.

Show the folks how much you have learned and they will be relieved to let you go off to college! You can save 1/2 off your 2018 Senior sessions by booking in July. It is not too early – in fact, you are going to be busier than you expected once school starts so take care of this session now and save money.July_Senior

Let us sweat the details and you stay cool in our studio for our Beat the Heat July special. $45. session fee and easy breezy!BeatTheHeat