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Whether it’s a quick mini-session or a family portrait for your holiday cards most parents feel a little bit of dread when it comes to getting their kids to pose perfectly during a photo shoot. Kids are curious, energized and often more interested in doing what they want whenever they want. While kids will be kids there are a few tricks you can use to help prepare them for your family portrait session so your shoot goes smoothly.

  • Schedule the Shoot Around Nap and Meal Times

When you schedule your shoot make sure it doesn’t interfere with regular nap times or meals. A child that is tired or hungry will be less cooperative than one who is well rested and fed. Plan your shoot after naps or meals, if you are planning on taking everyone out to eat after the shoot then at least make sure they have had some kind of snack prior to the shoot.

  • Make it A Big Deal for Them

In the weeks leading up to the shoot, you want to start getting them excited about it. Try to make it seem like it is a special activity you planned just for them. Let them dress up and practice posing in the mirror so they have a better idea of what to expect on the day of the shoot. Younger kids can be easier to do this with but by letting them pick out their own special outfit, having their hair done and really making it fun for them.

  • Bring Props or Games

Keeping your kids happy and entertained during the shoot can be a struggle so if your child has a favorite toy or blanket them bring it along with you. There may be times in the shoot that they can take some comfort in having something familiar to hold while their picture is being taken, especially if your child tends to be on the shy side.

  • Have Fun

The most important thing is to have fun. Drop your expectation of having the “perfect” family portrait taken and instead allow your true selves to shine through. No photo shoot goes according to plan but if you remind yourself to just have fun you will be happier with the results than you could have imagined.

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During your photo shoot, you don’t want to waste time making constant outfit changes Most photographers will limit the number of outfits you can change into. Location can also limit what you’d be able to change into as well, but layering items of clothes can help resolve this problem. By adding on some simple pieces you can completely change your look in a matter of seconds with no fuss.

What to layer.

Tops are the easiest way to layer. Start with a lightweight top like a tank top or fitted short sleeve shirt. Then add a cardigan or a pullover shirt. You can do a third layer by putting on a jacket. Keep the jacket simple and basic in color such as navy blue, beige or olive green. A scarf or hat can also be added to change your look easily and even make a great prop to keep your hands occupied. Belts can also help change your look but will most likely be concealed as the layers come.

In the summer it can be a little more difficult to layer but you can always add on a wrap, hat or thin scarf for a new look. Accessories can also be a way to transform your look. Put on some bangles, a watch, necklace or hair accessory that will take your casual outfit to a more formal look.

How to layer.

When layering you want to make sure everything goes together and that you have different textures. Make your first layer a neutral color. it should be more form fitting so you don’t have extra bulk when you add to it. Your second layer can be more bold and colorful. Wrap a textured scarf to complete a whole new look.

Some last minutes tip to help transform your look and help your shoot go off successfully. Keep your hair down at the beginning of your shoot and then tie it back. You can even use a stylish hair wrap or headband to keep it away from your face. Keep your layers simple and easy to carry around, you don’t want to be digging through bags to find what you are looking for. These tips can help you add more style and depth to your wardrobe without taking time away from the actual shoot.

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Working With Children

We have photographed a lot of kids over the years and we like to think that we do it rather well.

One of the things our photographers have learned is how to make youngsters feel chilled.

Every age is different and every infant is different. Some will come bursting in looking forward to seeing you are ready for anything. Others might be a little more retiring and need some coaxing.

We will meet them at their level, chatting with them about what they like, what they have been doing and general getting them comfy.

If it means playing about and acting the idiot we can do that. If it means taking everything somewhat slower and quieter then we can do that too.

For the first element of the photoshoot we will usually be photographing you and the children together. This helps them feel comfy and understand the procedure. They still have their Mum or Dad for moral support.

Pretty soon they will be happy and relaxed and up for the full experience.

We know it’s working because so many youngsters haven’t forgotten us when they come back for their next shoot.

There are a lot of things to consider when booking your outdoor photo shoot. Whether it is for an engagement session or portrait session you want to ensure your images come out looking stunning. Many people book their shoot thinking that the afternoon would be the best time to shoot since there is plenty of sunlight, but this is actually one of the worst times to do an outdoor shoot.

The afternoon light from the sun is often harsh and strong which causes unflattering shadows. While diffusers and shade can help reduce these shadows it still isn’t ideal. So when should you schedule your outdoor shoot?

The Golden Hour.

Any professional photographer will agree that the best time to shoot outdoors is during what is know as the golden hour. This is typically the hour just after the sun has risen or the hour just before the sun sets. It is during this time that the lighting is ideal because the sun is typically at its lowest point in the sky. As a result, the light is soft and diffused which creates less contrast and shadows.

Additionally, during these hours there are fewer people out and about. This gives you the extra bonus of not having to worry about anyone walking in the background or distracting you during the shoot. The glow of the sun at this time will also help add dimension to the background and allow for more detail to come through the images.

How to determine the golden hour?

Since the sun rises and sets at different times every day you want to make sure you plan accordingly. From about March to July the sun will begin to rise earlier and set later and from August to December the sun will rise later and set earlier. Keep in mind that your location will impact the length of time you will have this ideal light to shoot with. As you move closer to the equator the “golden hour” will typically not be as long because the sun moves up in altitude more quickly so the light becomes harsher much faster.

While it may not seem ideal to have to wake early to get in your photo shoot the images you will come away with are well worth this small sacrifice. Most parents also agree that booking their family shoots earlier in the morning was met with less resistance from their children. Keep this in mind when you decide to book your next outdoor shoot.

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“Just act natural.” It’s easier said than done when you are in front of a camera and trying to look your best while feeling a little awkward and maybe even a little insecure. Even the top models need some help to look and act more natural in front of the camera. There’s no need to be nervous going into your shoot, with a little bit of practice in front of a mirror and these tips you’ll be feeling confident and relaxed from the very first click!

  • Have Something to Hold

Hands can be the most difficult things to figure out what to do with. For some reason, it always feels awkward just having them at your side so bring something to hold onto. Flowers, a book, musical instrument anything that is significant to you can be the perfect addition to your shoot.

  • Natural Smile

You don’t want to get caught with the deer in headlights look and faking a smile is often not very flattering. One of the best ways to show your natural smile is to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The corners of your mouth will naturally draw up and it won’t look forced at all.

  • Wear Something Comfortable

If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing this will show through in your images no matter how much you try to fake it. You want to wear something you feel comfortable in not only so you can move around easily but so that you will be more confident in front of the camera as well.

  • Posing

While your photographer will help direct you in how you should sit or stand it’s a good idea to know a few simple tricks when it comes to posing. First, just about everyone has an asymmetrical face and most often one of the eyes is slightly larger than the other. You want to turn the side of your face with the slightly larger eye towards the camera. This will help balance out the face. Second, stick your neck out slightly. This helps elongate the neck and will eliminate the dreaded “double chin” that many people have. Third, ladies, cross your feet at the ankles. This elongates the body and adds a little depth to your images.

  • Think Happy Thoughts

Before you go into your shoot you want to have an image, joke or happy story in the back of your mind. During the shoot, you’ll want to recall on these thoughts to help bring out a genuine smile. If you start to get nervous just think your happy thought and you will instantly begin to relax and feel more comfortable.

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